noun – 
1. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.

“My company started putting points on the board when we engaged The Utility Co.”

Web sites are defined by their content.  Web applications are defined by their interaction with the user.

The process starts by focusing on the user experience and continues until real value has been delivered.  When this value is transferred, both the owner of the web application and the user benefit.

The Right Tools
We like clean, functional web applications. We make them with all kinds of tools. Javascript, Node and PHP are a couple of our favorites.
We're nice.
Getting support for your projects should be easy. Tech support should care. They should be accessible. They should be nice.
E-commerce is our thing.
We think e-commerce spending will continue to grow. We like Magneto and WordPress and we develop our own web assets.
Fully Responsive
We build apps that look great on all kinds of screens. Responsive design is baked in the cake. We also make legacy sites mobile-friendly.

Our personal web businesses

Developing our own web assets, experimenting and finding new revenue streams is in our DNA.  We practice what we preach and think the best opportunities in a generation are within reach.


Explore a few of web businesses we own or have owned in the last few years.

For us.  For you.  For all.

We want to do work that matters.

Here’s how we use our time:
60% is building web applications for our ourselves.
30% is building web applications for you (our clients).
10% is building web applications for the broader community including non-profit and civic groups we care about.


We think bots are going to be big.  Please say hello to our chat bot.

Matt Hannam

Matt Hannam is a software developer. He's a Javascript guy and an entrepreneur. He has started a lot of businesses and some of them worked. He leads the charge at The Utility Co., writes a lot of code and builds furniture.

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